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Accelerate Your Video Editing Workflow: Using the Flex with Adobe Premiere Pro

The Flex is an excellent platform for video editors to streamline their workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the Flex to improve your video editing process in Premiere Pro.

Setting up the Flex with your laptop
Connect the Flex to your laptop using the provided USB cable.
Adjust the screens to your desired configuration, either in landscape or portrait mode.

Launching Adobe Premiere Pro
Open Adobe Premiere Pro on your laptop.

Organizing your screens
Drag the Premiere Pro window to one of the Flex's displays.
Resize the window to fit the screen, making sure to leave space for other applications on your other screens.

Managing multiple projects and panels
Open multiple Premiere Pro projects simultaneously and display them on different screens.
Easily switch between projects for efficient editing and comparison.
Arrange Premiere Pro panels, such as the Program Monitor or the Effects Controls, on separate screens to declutter your workspace.

Utilizing Premiere Pro's advanced features
Use the Flex to display Premiere Pro's various tools and options, such as the Effect panel or the Lumetri Color panel, on separate screens for easy access.
Enhance your video editing capabilities by utilizing Premiere Pro's powerful features, such as multi-camera editing or motion tracking, on multiple displays.

The Flex

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Updated on: 11/10/2023