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How to Use Adobe Illustrator on 3 Screens with Portabl's Slide

Portabl has revolutionized the user experience by offering an innovative accessory called "Slide". With this accessory, you can add two additional screens to your laptop using a simple USB-C cable. In this article, we will show you how to set up Adobe Illustrator to use it on three screens and present the benefits of working with this configuration.

Setting Up Adobe Illustrator for 3 Screens:

Step 1: Connect the Slide Screens
Plug the Slide screens into your laptop using the provided USB-C cable. Make sure the screens are properly connected and that your computer recognizes them.

Step 2: Configure the Screens
Go to your operating system's display settings (Windows or MacOS) and set the Slide screens to "extended" mode to extend your desktop across all three screens.

Step 3: Launch Adobe Illustrator
Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document or open an existing document you want to work on.

Step 4: Organize Your Workspace
Adobe Illustrator allows you to customize your workspace by moving and resizing panels. Use this feature to distribute the panels across the three screens according to your preferences. For example, you can display the document preview on the main screen and move the tool and layer panels to the Slide screens.

Advantages of Working on Adobe Illustrator with 3 Screens:

Extended Workspace: Using three screens provides a larger workspace, making it easier to organize your panels and view your document.

Time-saving: By displaying multiple panels on different screens, you can quickly access the tools and options you need, reducing the time spent navigating menus.

Improved Accuracy: With a larger workspace, you can zoom in on your document without sacrificing the visibility of other panels, making it easier to work on complex details.

Increased Productivity: By distributing your work across multiple screens, you can better focus on each task, which can improve your overall productivity.

Ergonomic Comfort: Working on three screens can reduce eye strain and muscle tension, as you don't need to constantly shift your gaze between different panels.

In conclusion, using Adobe Illustrator on three screens with Portabl's Slide can significantly enhance your working experience and productivity. With an extended workspace and optimized organization, you can make the most of this graphic creation tool.

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Updated on: 24/05/2023