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How to Use Lightroom on 3 Screens with Portabl's Slide


Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular and widely-used photo editing applications by professional and amateur photographers worldwide. Using multiple screens can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of working in Lightroom, and with Portabl's Slide, it is now possible to add two additional screens to any laptop. In this article, we will explain how to set up Lightroom for use on three screens and present the advantages of working with this setup.

Tutorial for setting up Lightroom on 3 screens

Step 1: Install Portabl's Slide
Connect the two additional screens provided by the Slide to your laptop using the supplied USB-C cable. Ensure that the screens are detected and functioning correctly.

Step 2: Configure display settings
Go to your computer's display settings and make sure all three screens are enabled and set up in extended mode. Arrange the screens in your desired order.

Step 3: Launch Adobe Lightroom
Open Adobe Lightroom on your laptop. In the "Window" menu, select "Workspace" then "Customize Workspace."

Step 4: Customize the workspace
In the "Customize Workspace" window, you will be able to move and resize Lightroom's various panels across the three screens. For example, you can place the Library on one screen, the Develop module on another, and the adjustment panels on the third. Feel free to experiment to find the configuration that best suits you.

Step 5: Save the workspace
Once you have customized your workspace, save it by selecting "New Workspace" from the "Workspace" menu. Give it a name and click "Save."

Benefits of working in Lightroom with 3 screens

Increased efficiency: With three screens, you can display multiple panels and modules simultaneously, reducing the time spent switching between them.

Improved accuracy: Having more space to display images and adjustments makes it easier to evaluate details and apply changes accurately.

Image comparison: Use one screen to display a reference image while working on another, making it easier to compare colors, details, and adjustments.

Better organization: The extra screens allow for separate tasks to be more clearly organized, making navigation and project management easier.

Enhanced ergonomics: Working on multiple screens helps reduce eye strain and improves overall comfort during long editing sessions.

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Updated on: 24/05/2023