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What is the setup process and how do I use the Flex Triple Screen?

In this article, we offer a comprehensive step-by-step guide to assist customers in setting up and utilizing our Flex product. The Flex is a revolutionary dual-screen display solution tailored for diverse devices. We recognize that, for some, an extra layer of guidance might be essential for an optimal initial experience.

While we don't have a video guide for the Flex as we do for the Slide, the USB Disk included in your package contains all necessary drivers. Here's a simplified breakdown:

Basic Setup: Begin by connecting the monitors using the provided cables and powering up the device.
Driver Installation: Insert the USB Disk into your device and follow the prompts to install the essential drivers for the Flex.
Advanced Configuration: Once set, you can dive into more intricate features like adjusting display settings and tailoring the device for specific applications.

We're acutely aware of potential apprehensions regarding the device's care. Our online guide, therefore, includes best practices ensuring safe and proper use. This encompasses insights into recommended usage settings and preemptive measures against common errors potentially detrimental to the device.

Following our guidance ensures a correct and secure use of the Flex. We strongly suggest customers familiarize themselves with the instructions before their first Flex use, paving the way for a seamless introduction.

Should any queries or concerns arise post this guide's perusal, our dedicated customer support team remains available for further clarification. It's our continuous endeavor to ensure every customer relishes an unparalleled experience with our offerings.

Updated on: 10/10/2023